Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Post: To blog or not to blog - that is the question

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  1. I know the feeling - been there many times with that question. And - I decided my blog is just as the Wikipedia says "My web log" And so I kept mine. Sometimes I get (and most of the time) I'm so busy I wonder if perhaps I'm wasting my time but then I find jotting down my thoughts on my blog is refreshing - good luck

  2. Dear DeanO,
    just found your comment as my blog "Mamma mia - here I go again" vanished into air - disappeared into blogland forever, I fear - they had some 'work' done - but I got a lot of wonderful comments like yours. Thank you!

  3. Dear H.C.,
    that's what I said when my latest blog (and the photos) disappeared. Darn!

  4. Look at you! I love this picture, Britta!!